It's like having your own, in-house YouTube.

Use our video CMS, or we can develop a bespoke business video hosting solution.
Keep visitors on your site. Control access. Add interactive content.
And we'll handle the HLS, DASH, H264, HTML5... bit.

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"Very impressed"

Ben Rice, Centrify Corp.

"Vidbeo was able to customize their gate for us in less than a day!"

Divya Raghavan, Virta Health

"Seriously is the best support I ever got. Thank you very much."

Paulo Valim, Química em Ação

31st July 2017: Dynamic thumbnails, and many other improvements ... read more →

For your private videos

Make embedded content only respond to authenticated viewers (IP, SSO SAML, location or password). 256-bit encryption.

For your public videos

Since we don't add adverts, we don't need to drive your visitors to our site. Increase engagement by adding call-to-actions, gating and clickable regions.

For your live streams

Whether a one-off event or a regular all-hands meeting, live-stream to mobile and desktop from your camera or screen. Scale to thousands of viewers.

For your bespoke work

Perhaps a channel with custom features, or a one-off campaign for a client? We can build it. Or use our APIs in your applications.

We've wrapped our advanced controls in a friendly interface

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