Private video hosting for your business

Easily manage your content using our video CMS or API.

For your public content: Keep visitors on your site.
For your private content: Restrict access to authenticated viewers.
Custom requirement? We can develop a bespoke solution for you.
Vidbeo video CMS dashboard

Upload your video.

We then process it, convert it into a format ready to ensure it looks great on all devices, and provide you with a link to embed or share.

Unlimited support

Some companies charge per support ticket or charge a monthly fee to provide technical support. We don't.

Video analytics

You can see at a glance how well your videos have been received. See the number of views per video, country and device.

Call to action (CTA)

Increase engagement by displaying a card during a video. It could link to a page to find out more about the featured product.

Video SEO

Drive traffic to your site and not lose visitors - and potential customers - to YouTube.

Expiring URLs

Prevent users linking to your video file (hotlinking). Its URL automatically stops working after a period of time.

Clickable video

Set a translucent or transparent hotspot to appear at a particular time. When clicked, the viewer can be taken to a custom link.


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