Automated, smart playlists

Normally you will create a traditional playlist - this is the default “manual” option, where you simply create an empty playlist and then decide which videos you wish to add to it from the video CMS.

However there is another option available within all business video hosting accounts: to create a “smart” playlist. When you create one of these, you are asked for some additional details to tell the platform how it should select videos to put into that playlist. Currently the platform supports selecting a video by tag or by date. So you could use this to build a playlist that was automatically populated with your most recent videos. In addition you can limit its length, so you could, say, tell it to select just the most recent three videos.

Smart playlists are updated daily and so they provide you with a simple but effective way to show new content automatically.

If you have a question about smart playlists, private video hosting or any other aspect of the online video platform, please email [email protected].

Updated: November 26, 2015