Choose your own frame

You can choose from two different sources. Which you pick will mainly depend on whether you want to use a common image across multiple hosted videos, or are simply after a better one for this particular video.

From your library

If you have an image you would like to use for multiple videos, you can add that image to your library and then simply select it from the drop-down menu.

A common use would be if you have a generic frame (for example just showing your company’s logo). Or if you need to use an image that doesn’t appear as a frame in the video at all.

Adding an image to your content library is as simple as clicking on ‘Content’ in the main menu, then on ‘Images’, then on the green ‘Add new item’ button.

From this video

The system picks three images from each video during the encoding process. However since these frames are taken from random times, it is unlikely that they will accurately represent its content. Therefore you may prefer to tell the system which image should represent it instead.

Simply click on the link below the video’s thumbnail images.

You are then asked to enter the time-code (MM:SS) of the frame you would like instead. For example for the frame at 30 seconds, you would enter 00:30 and then click on ‘Generate’:

Choose custom frame

These requests are usually processed quite quickly and the image should be returned to the platform and shown within your video CMS in under 15 minutes.

If you have any questions about this particular feature, business video hosting or any other aspect of the platform, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be able to assist you.

Updated: June 8, 2015