If you are signed in as an administrator, you can click on the ‘Reports’ tab to see the available reports. One is called ‘Events’.

Currently a small set of events are supported and listed: “likes”, “dislikes”, and also whether a Q&A has been passed (Q&A is an option available when creating an overlay, otherwise known as an interactive item). These events are internal and triggered by our player, if that feature is available. Events triggered in that way are shown in this new report, both as a graph and table, showing the events per day and also the viewer (if known) that triggered them.

Events report

The normal filters can be applied to limit the results shown, so along with the date range you could, for example, see the events for a particular viewer (using their email), or for a particular video (using its id).

As this is a new feature still being developed, please get in touch if it is something you are interested in using and which events you would like to see recorded. You can try out our enterprise video platform today: simply request a free trial.

Updated: December 13, 2016