General platform improvements

As part of these changes to the video CMS, next time you sign in to the admin panel you should notice a new, flatter design. We have been experimenting with various styles and currently have settled on a variant to “Material” design. This uses many of the same components for inputs such as radio buttons (to improve usage on mobile devices) however we have reduced the use of drop-shadows. Now these are not used for the standard cards but are instead only used for secondary menus within the platform, like for tag-groups.

The buttons have changed too. Rather than use a block-colour, now they have a more subtle border and, where appropriate, an icon.

We have also changed the video embed code to use a secure https URL as standard. Previously we used the more general double-slash URL, which works on both https and non-https pages, effectively only serving content securely when asked to. With https now encouraged as standard across all sites, it made sense to standardise the embed URL too. The embed code will still work on standard pages (ones whose URL does not start with https) so you do not need to make any changes. This is just an improvement going forwards.

The online video platform’s encoding process has also been improved, with some behind-the-scenes changes to its internal workings. Hopefully you will notice the improvement.

Hopefully you like all the changes and as always please email if you have any questions about our enterprise video hosting service.

Updated: December 21, 2015