Moderate uploaded videos

This can be useful if videos are uploaded to the platform using an application, since you may want to check that the videos are suitable before using them.

Normally when a user uploads a video, it is set as ‘enabled’ as soon as it completes encoding. This means it is live and can be watched by anyone who knows its URL - or has access to a page it is embedded on (assuming that video has not been restricted).

However if you want to check their videos before they are enabled, you can. Simply edit that user by going to the ‘Users’ page within your admin panel, and clicking on the blue ‘Edit’ button. There you will see an option labelled ‘Content Approval’:

Content Approval

Set it to ‘Yes’ and click on ‘Update’. Now any video that user uploads will not be automatically enabled. Instead someone will need to manually approve it by clicking on the video’s ‘Enable’ button.

Note: You will be able to watch the video within the platform despite the fact it is not enabled. However if you were to view that same video from another URL - such as the share/preview page - it would not load.

If you have any questions about content moderation, the system, or any other aspect of our business video hosting, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected].

Updated: April 13, 2015