New video thumbnail URLs

You can use one of two new URLs, depending which size of image you need. If you only need a small image (for example for a carousel) then you only need request the thumbnail-sized version as it will load much more quickly:

You simply need to replace ID with the unique ID assigned to your video by the video CMS. You can easily find this out by signing in to the online video platform and then clicking on the thumbnail image within the Content library. The ID will be shown in the page’s URL, and also at the end of the ‘share URL’ also shown on that page. For example it may be like vabc12345.

These URLs simply redirect to the image (normally a .jpg), automatically appending any secure token the delivery network requires. This avoids you having to generate that token within your own CMS, as it may have its own expiry time and additional complexity.

You may also need these new image URLs if you are adding a placeholder to an iframe embedded using the new accelerated mobile pages (AMP HTML).

Updated: March 8, 2016