The latest improvements

We have made assorted changes to the system, fixing some bugs and improving performance:

  • Added a responsive option to the embed code shown on the dashboard to save having to manually add that HTML wrapper.
  • Added a lazy loading attribute to our default iframe embed code as that is now widely supported. It’s ignored when not supported or not needed (such as when a video is embedded near the top of a page and hence lazy-loading does not come into play).
  • Added better cache-control headers for static assets used by the dashboard. The build process automatically cache-busts via the file’s name and so we can safely cache a file (for example a merged .css or .js file). That avoids your browser having to download that file again on a subsequent request, making using the dashboard even faster.
  • Less aggressive caching of dynamic assets used by the dashboard. In some edge cases that could have resulted in an older version of the dashboard. Now the cache headers should enforce the newest version for dynamic pages.
  • Fixed a bug with the dashboard when consecutively bulk deleting items would not always refresh the checked-item count.
  • Fixed a bug with the analytics views report in the dashboard where sometimes a decimal point would show on the y-axis. The values plotted on the graph were correct. Just the axis labels were not always rendering as integers.
  • Added a ?filter parameter to the API to limit the results returned for a /[type] request. Combined with the ?fields parameter it can greatly reduce the amount of data returned to only that which you actually need, increasing speed and saving data.
  • Added a brief cache for API key IDs to improve performance of API requests
  • Added more languages for video subtitles/captions.
  • Matched the languages listed for manually adding subtitles/captions to a video to those listed when auto-transcribing using speech recognition.
  • Reduced the video renditions used by the default profile from 4 to 3, which should result in more CDN cache hits for segments (rather than having to pull each from the origin). Custom profiles are unaffected.
  • Added additional documentation for video developers, such as for uploads.
  • The player now shows the video’s duration.

Updated: June 30, 2021