The weekend update brings a new analytics system

New analytics backend

For a while we have been ingesting analytics from multiple sources. We have consolidated those and simplified them into one, making a much more logical, efficient and scalable system able to handle far more events.

We also removed some of the less useful reports that were not engaged with.

The new video analytics system should hopefully be clearer and easier to use, with simplified sections grouping data by type, such as by title, page or device. You can easily see the key data for each area, such as the pages your content is most often watched from and when it is most viewed.

Top times (video analytics)

The admin panel has had some visual changes too. We have simplfied some pages to make the actions clearer.

A bug with the captions editor has been fixed where sometimes captions were not removed if added and then removed straight after. Now they will be. The editor has also been improved to make it faster to add captions.

A new bulk-delete option has been added to make it easier to delete multiple videos. Simply tick the boxes next to the videos you wish to delete, and choose the new ‘Delete’ action from the menu above. Note that it can take a little while for your storage report/total to update.

We’ve made upgrading your account simpler too, condensing the form into a single page and integrating the latest payment-processing code to validate your details as you type.

New payment design

If you have any questions about any changes to the online video platform, please contact us at [email protected]. You can try out professional video hosting today: just request a free trial. This update includes other bespoke features requested by clients so if there is anything you need that is not currently available, simply let us know and we may be able to build it for you.

Updated: February 28, 2018