Video pre-rolls

The Vidbeo enterprise video platform supports selecting a short clip (a pre-roll) that is specifically designed to be played before another video. The most common use of a video pre-roll is to show a brief animation of your logo, however you could show something else.

After uploading your pre-roll to the video CMS in the usual way, it will become available to select for new and existing videos from the section labelled ‘pre-roll’. Simply pick one from the drop-down menu, save the changes, and then watch your video.

Note that pre-rolls are not designed to monetise your content since we do not record analytics data for them. Monetisation is handled separately - if you are interested, please email us for further details.

If you have a question about pre-rolls, private video hosting or the video CMS in general, please email [email protected].

Updated: December 4, 2015