Pre-roll gates, plus other minor changes

You will see this option next time you create or edit an overlay:

New pre-roll video gating

If you select ‘Before the video’, the overlay will be shown as soon as the player loads. This is most often used with the video-gating style of overlay for lead-generation. The viewer is asked to enter some details, such as their email address, in order to be able to access the video.

There are a couple of important issues to consider when using a pre-roll video gate. One is that Google frowns upon it, since if content appears in its results, it insists that content is available to the user that clicked through to see it. If a video is effectively blocked by a pre-roll gate, then that is not the case. This would be something to consider if your video is embedded on a public page. The other issue is that conversions from a pre-roll are often lower, so you may obtain fewer leads.

Aside from the new type of gate, the just-released update includes a new set of graphs within the admin panel’s ‘Reports’ section (formerly ‘Analytics’). We hope you like them.

If you need any other custom development work, or have a request for a feature to improve our online video platform, please do contact us at [email protected].

Updated: November 11, 2016