Bespoke integration

One of the reasons companies look for an alternative to YouTube for their business video hosting is they want more control, particularly over their internal content. We provide ways to limit access to only authenticated viewers as standard, however you may need something more custom-made.

Video API

Our video API provides access to resources within the system. In fact our dashboard is merely an interface for it. Our API is RESTful and so you can create, edit and delete content programatically from your application using the HTTP methods you will already be familiar with (GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE).

You can find out more about the video API on our developers site.

Player API

Our player API lets you control our Vidbeo player. We currently expose a limited amount of functionality however can expose more if needed. Simply get in touch with your requirements.

Bespoke work

If you need any custom business video development work for your own application, please get in touch. Simply email [email protected].