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Add clickable regions to trigger actions like 'add to basket'

If you watch the video above and move your cursor over the flowers (from around 2 seconds in), you should see that the cursor turns into a pointer - just like it does when hovering over a link to a web page.

Within our enterprise video CMS, we have set that overlay to call a function called addToBasket. That function simply shows a panel pretending the item has been added to a virtual basket, as it might on any e-commerce site. However you could just as easily set the overlay to open a URL - for example to find out more about that product. Not familiar with JavaScript? We can build a solution for you.

As this is simply a concept video, the panel that appears can of course look entirely different.

This also works on iPad, so it’s ideal for retail.

Note: The overlays become inactive on iOS (iPad and iPhone) if the video is full-screen, since Apple switch control over to their own, built-in video player

If you would like to find out how we made this clickable video, and how you can too, simply visit the guide we have written in our support section: How do I make a clickable video?.

All business video hosting accounts have access to this feature: it is included at no cost.

Example Product

This could say you have just bought an item?

Flowers (£14.99)

Fake Button Fake Button

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