Data and Player API

Access the platform from your own applications

Since Vidbeo is an enterprise video platform, it is likely that your IT team will want to access the data we held from within your own applications.

You may also want to control the HTML5 video player using a way we do not ‘out of the box’. To support this, we provide some powerful APIs:

Data API

The Data API is used to interact with our online video platform. We provide an admin panel to let your users interact with the system (uploading videos, inviting users and so on) however the admin panel merely provides a user-interface to the Data API. Therefore you could duplicate similar functionality within your own business video hosting system.

It uses the standard RESFTful approach. If you have used other APIs - such as Twitter’s - before, it should be very similar.

You can find out more about the Data API from the dedicated developers site, where you will also find complete documentation too.

Player API

The Player API is used to interact with the provided online video player. It uses JavaScript. It is useful if you want to add your own external video controls to interact with the player, or react to events that happen within it

The Vidbeo developers site has much more information about the Player API including full documentation.

If there is any other feature that you need which we don't currently provide, please do get in touch: