Since Vidbeo is an enterprise video platform, it is possible that your IT department will want to access the data we held from within your own applications.

Video API

Our video API is used to interact with our online video platform. You have likely already seen our video CMS which lets users interact with our system (uploading videos, inviting users, and so on): behind the scenes that is powered by our Data API.

It uses the standard RESFTful approach using the normal HTTP methods such as GET, PATCH and DELETE. If you have used other APIs before it should be very similar.

You can find out more about our video API on our new developers site. Please get in touch if there is something you are not sure about or if you need additional functionality: we may be able to build it as bespoke work.

If you need access to our API, let us know. If your package includes it we can simply enable it for you.

Player API

The player API is used to interact with our provided HTML5 video player. It uses JavaScript. It may be useful if you want to add your own external video controls to interact with the player, or react to events that happen within it. We currently only expose a limited number of actions and events so if you would like to do something with it we don’t currently support, please get in touch.