Detailed analytics

See how your videos are performing

The video analytics offered by our enterprise video hosting platform are particularly popular.

Within the admin panel (the data is also accessible using the Data API) there is a ‘Reports’ section. There you can see at a glance a summary of how your videos have been received.

Clicking on each of the reports offers more detail about a particular aspect. Currently eight reports are available - however if you need more, please do get in touch. We are always keen to expand our business video hosting and so if you would like additional information, simply let us know.

The available reports are:

A graph and table showing the total number of views all videos received per day.

Per video
A table showing how many views each video received over the selected time period.

A graph and table showing how long your videos have been watched for.

A map and table showing the locations your videos have been watched from.

A graph and table showing from which devices your videos have been viewed, and how they breakdown over mobile, tablet and desktop.

A graph and table showing events (rolling out). These include likes/dislikes.

A table listing the URLs your videos have been embedded on and then watched.

In addition we are experimenting with a beta service called Insights, where you can generate custom queries.

If there is any other feature that you need which we don't currently provide, please do get in touch: