HTML5 video player

Responsive, mobile-first design

As part of our online video platform, we provide a HTML5 video player which is designed to adapt to the space available to it. All you need to do is copy the single-line of code we provide you (the embed code) to your web site, and we can take of the rest.

The player will first attempt to work out which type of device it is being viewed on. When viewed on a smartphone or tablet, it will make its controls bigger and hide ones that do not apply (such as volume, as mobile devices have their own volume controls). On a desktop the controls can be smaller because a mouse is more accurate than touching the screen.

The available controls also adjust depending on the size the player has been embedded. If it is very small, sometimes only a play button is shown. The more space that is available, the more HTML5 video controls will be visible.

If there is any other feature that you need which we don't currently provide, please do get in touch: