Image from Agent 327: Copyright 2017 Blender Animation Studio

As part of our online video platform we provide a modern HTML5 video player that you can embed on your own site. It includes support for adaptive bitrates such as DASH and HLS to look great on all devices and is designed to adapt to the space available to it. All you need to do is copy the snippet of code we provide you (the embed code) to your web site and we take care of the rest.

Our default settings work well for most users however you can customise the video player: you can change the colours to match your brand, decide which controls are shown and control how it behaves. For example normally when it loads it will try and pick a suitable rendition from the selection we create for every video. However you may want to override that and force it to pick the highest one.

Using our player lets you add interactive content, such as gates, call-to-actions or hotspots. These work best on desktops/laptops to increase engagement and acquire data.

The player will attempt to work out which type of device it is being viewed on. On a desktop the controls can be smaller because a mouse is more accurate than touching the screen. When viewed on a smartphone or tablet we generally aim to use the manufacturer’s built-in controls. They have been optimised for that screen and also provides access to features (like fullscreen) that may not be available to external players.