Multi-language subtitles

It is increasingly important to add closed captions or subtitles to your videos to make sure the content is accessible. Therefore all business video hosting packages include the ability to add captions/subtitles to your videos. You can do this within the admin panel by simply uploding your captions file on your video’s page. We support the common WebVTT (.vtt) format.

Create captions

Sign in to the dashboard and click on the video you would like to add captions to. You should see a tab for its captions. Click on that and you should be given the option of adding subtitles to that video. Often you will only have one set (in English) but the platform allows your business to add subtitles in multiple languages, should you wish to.

We recommend making sure your captions/subtitles file is valid before uploading it to avoid any errors. You can use a free online tool such as https://quuz.org/webvtt/ to check it. Assuming it is valid, we link it to your video within seconds and you then see a ‘CC’ icon in the player’s control bar.