Privacy and access controls

Make a video private using restrictions

All business video hosting packages include the option of restricting who can access your content. This allows you to make a video private.

This means that when that video is requested, the platform performs a series of tests to determine whether or not it should deliver the item. Those tests are set by you in the form of a ‘restriction’. That ‘restriction’ is simply a list of policies. If all the tests pass, then the content is delivered.

The available tests are:

Ideal for a corporate network, this checks whether the request for the content came from an IP address that is on your provided list.

You can prompt the viewer to enter a password before the video is shown to them.

The video platform will attempt to determine the viewer’s location. If it can, it will check that the country is on your list of approved locations. This is Geo-IP restriction.

Single sign-on (SAML)
Since Vidbeo is an enterprise video platform, larger organisations will often have an external authentication service. That can be used to see if the viewer is permitted to view the embedded content by checking to see if they are signed in to that external authentication provider. That avoids your employees having to remember yet another password.

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