Single sign-on

Single sign-on enables your employees to authenticate themselves to our online video platform without having to remember another password.

When they want to sign in, they can do it in two ways. The normal method is to go to the sign-in page and simply provide their email address, leaving the password field empty. The system will then interpret that as meaning they wish to sign in using an external provider, and will attempt to do so. If they are signed in to your external identity provider already, they will in turn automatically be signed in to the Vidbeo platform. If they are not already signed in to it, then they will be prompted to do so first.

Depending on your identity provider, you may also have the option to create applications. These are supported too. For example within the Centrify platform there is the option to create a single sign-on application which your employees can then be permitted access to. Having access to that application means that they can simply click on its icon within their portal and be taken directly into the Vidbeo online video platform. As long as the application supports the SAML (2.0) standard, it should work using the provided URLs.

This feature is particularly useful within enterprise video hosting, since it means that your IT department can control employee authentication within your existing system.