Two-step verification

Multi-factor authentication helps secure your account

The idea behind two-step verification (also known as two-factor authentication, 2FA, or multi-factor authentication, MFA) is that in order to sign in, the user has to not only provide a password (which could in theory be guessed) but also a code that only their mobile device can generate. Anyone that simply guessed their password would not have access to their smartphone or tablet, and so would be unable to complete that second part of the verification.

Each user can enable two-step verification by simply visiting the ‘My settings’ page (found from the top-right of the admin panel) and clicking the link within it. They will then need to link their mobile device to their account by scanning in a barcode they will be shown. There are many free apps that can generate the required code, such as Google Authenticator.

All Vidbeo business video hosting packages support two-step verification. Plus an account administrator can also make two-step verification mandatory, providing an additional layer of security.

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