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Frequently Asked Questions

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No. We want you to stay because you want to, not because you have to. Cancel at any point and your account will close at the end of the month you have paid for. However if you would like to pay in advance, that’s fine too - discounts are often available.

It depends on how you use video: often a combination works best. YouTube should be used as part of your social strategy for your public content, as its reach is unrivalled. However it is free because it is funded by advertising. As such they always have an interest in driving visitors to their own site where those adverts are shown. Our online video platform is specifically designed for organisations, providing the features - particularly in regards to content privacy for internal content - that they need. We can also build custom features to suit your workflow, using your brand, and will provide as much technical support as you need at no additional cost.

However many can fit in your allocated storage - please let us know how many videos are in your library so we can better understand your video hosting needs.

Yes. Edge servers are positioned at strategic locations throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia to serve content from a location nearer to your viewer.

We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards. If you prefer to pay by direct bank transfer, we can usually arrange that too. Our pricing is in GBP (UK pounds) but any currency conversion is seamlessly handled by your bank or Stripe (our payment processor).

No. If you have content that you even need to ask about its suitability, the answer will be no.

If you can provide us with access to it, depending on the platform and quantity we may be able to migrate your videos over for you.