Most users make use of our landing pages and embed codes. The landing page URL is made to be shared or emailed. The embed code is a snippet of HTML code that is copied to your site to make the video appear there.

In both cases your video is presented in the player our video CMS includes.

By default that player sends analytics data, such as when the video is played. That lets you see how popular your content is. We also record data about where in the world the video was played and on what device/browser. That data can help you target campaigns more effectively to see who your videos are reaching.

However for privacy you may not want our player to send any of those events. You can easily do this within the dashboard when using our video CMS. You can still use our player to present your videos and will still be billed for the data usage. It just won’t report data about the number of views.

Assuming you are signed in as a user with sufficient access, you should see a More link in the top menu. Click that, and you should see a Players option. Click that. You should see your custom players listed.

If you have one (or more), click the small icon of a pencil to edit its settings. Scroll down and you should see an option to not send analytics events. Select that. And click the button at the bottom to save the changes.

Now all videos that use that custom player should no longer send analytics events as their player has been told not to. This can take a few minutes to update.