How do I send data to Google Analytics?

Our player can send data directly to your Google Analytics account. This is done by using a feature Google provide called events. Unlike page views - which appear in your main dashboard - events are things that happen, such as when a button is clicked, or, in this case, when a video is viewed using our player.

You will first need to sign-up for a Google Analytics account, if you have not already done so. If you have yet to add your website’s domain - for example

Assuming you already have a Google Analytics account and have set up your domain (property, as they refer to it) within their system, you now should have a bit of code on your site which sends your normal page view data to them. This will track the number of people that have visited your site, how long they spend on it, and so on.

In order for our player to be able to send data to that account, you will need to provide it with the id Google provides your domain (property). You will be able to see this within the Google Analytics dashboard - or even from looking at the tracking code. It will start with UA and then consist of a series of letters and numbers. It will look something like UA-123456-7.

Armed with that id, if you sign-in to the admin panel and click on ‘Content’ in the main menu, you will usually see the videos within your content library. You will need to edit a player, so click on ‘Players’, which is just below. Each player is represented by a play icon on top of a coloured rectangle. Click on the one used by the videos you wish to get event data for.

You should now see a page showing that player’s details. If you scroll down the page, you should see an option labelled Google Analytics (GA). You will need to select ‘Yes’ from that menu, as you do want the player to send data to Google Analytics.

Next, you should see three more panels relating to Google Analytics just to the right of that one - you will need to enter the id of your domain (the UA-123456-7 one), your site’s domain, and also whether demographic data should aim to be collected too.

Once done, click on the green ‘Save changes’ button that should be in the top-right of the page, and if your data is valid, you should see a successful response.

Any video that is assigned to be shown in that player will now send data to Google Analytics when it is watched.

Important: Before reading our other guides (such as measuring conversions) please read Important consideration when using Google Analytics.

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