What events are shown in Google Analytics?

Our player sends the following events:

Category Action Label
Video Played videoid
Video Watched (X%) videoid
Video Ended videoid
Video Commented videoid
Video Shared (Twitter) videoid
Video Shared (Facebook) videoid
Video Shared (Google+) videoid
Video Shared (LinkedIn) videoid

All of these events are set as ‘non-interaction’ so that they do not affect your page’s bounce rate.

If you would like to see this analytics data within your Google Analytics dashboard, you can configure our player to send data directly to it (see How do I send data to Google Analytics?).

For this example, we have set up a quick demonstration site for an online retailer. On that site we made a page (/one) and embedded a video on it.

We then watched the video. Having done so, a total of 22 events (a ‘Played’, 20 ‘X% Watched’ and a final ‘Ended’) will have been sent to Google Analytics.

If we now sign in to Google Analytics, you won’t see this data on the main graph - that is usually set to show page views. We are interested in events. These are found in the ‘Behaviour’ menu (Behaviour > Events > Overview):

Google Analytics integration 2

On that page you can see all of the events that have happened. You can see that indeed 22 separate events have been logged for this video view:

Google Analytics integration 3

If we now click on ‘Top Events’ in the left-hand menu, we can see some more detail. Here we have clicked on ‘Event Action’ to be the ‘Primary Dimension’, which you can just see at the top of the image:

Google Analytics integration 4

To find out which videos sent these events, we can click on the ‘Event Label’ to be the ‘Primary Dimension’ instead. We use the id instead of the title since you might change the title - however the id never changes. It is unique in the system:

Google Analytics integration 5

There is another option in the Events menu: ‘Pages’. Clicked on that shows the pages the events happened on - the ones that had the video(s) embedded on. So in this case our video was embedded on /one, so that is the only one listed:

Google Analytics integration 7

You can use Google Analytics to analyse interaction with your videos too. We’ll cover that in another article.

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