Why do my analytics totals differ?

If you are using two analytics tools simultaneously - for example Google Analytics in conjunction with our own, in-house system - you will sometimes notice differences between their reported values. For example if you look in Google Analytics, you may see a video has had 99 views today. Our admin panel may show it had 100.

There are multiple reasons why this can happen:


While we aim for near real-time reporting, it can take some time before each event is processed.

In the case of Google Analytics, it can take up to 24 hours for an event to appear in the dashboard. Likewise for our system (used by the admin panel). Although both usually happen much faster, you may see a delay.

If Google happen to process an event before we do, their total will go up ahead of ours. Therefore the values will be slightly out of sync. If you happen to view those totals at that moment, you will see that discrepancy.


If your videos get many views, especially from many different locations, devices or browsers, Google uses sampling to present its data (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sampling_(statistics)). Therefore the data shown isn’t necessarily the absolute total. It merely reflects the trend.

Browser filters

All analytics systems rely on requests being made by the user’s browser to report to them that an event has happened. However if the person watching a video has their browser set to block all requests to, for example, google-analytics.com, then all requests our player makes to Google Analytics would not go through. However in this example, they would get through to our system. That would mean that events triggered by their views would be added to our totals but not to Google’s. If that viewer watched a lot of videos, the totals would vary accordingly.

Unfortunately it is impossible to control how an end-viewer’s browser is configured. If they were to block requests to “analytics-system.com”, there would be nothing our player could do to override that.

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