You may need to update your card when it expires. It is easy to do that within our online video platform. Simply sign in to the dashboard and you should see a Billing link in the top menu (this may be under the More link).

Note: If you do not see a Billing option despite being on a paid account, you are most likely not signed in as an account owner (super user). In which case you may need to contact a colleague who does have that role in order to manage the billing.

Assuming you do see a Billing option in the menu, click on that and after a few moments you should be redirected to our payment processor, Stripe. They provide a secure page on which you can see your current billing options. Simply click the option there to update your card and then provide its details (its number, expiry and security code).

We have no access to your card details. They remain stored securely within Stripe’s system.