Our video API requires a key to authenticate requests.

The first step is to make sure that this API is available to you. Sign in as an account owner (a super-user) and you should see a Developers option in the main menu, with an API keys option. If you do not see either, this API is likely not enabled or is not included in your package: please email us.

Once you do see the API keys option, click on it. That lists any API keys already created. Which of course initially there won’t be. So click the link to add a new one.

You will be asked to give it a name because you can create multiple API keys and so it is handy to give each one name to identify it. For example to enable key rotation you could create two API keys and call them primary and secondary. It’s up to you.

Currently we support two types of access for an API key: read-only and read-write. If you know your application only needs to read data (not modify or delete it) then it makes sense to lock down its access.

Click the button to create the API key and it will be shown to you only once. Make a note of it. Treat it just like a password as anyone with that secret key can access your data.

Note: each individual user in your team does not need their own API key. They are a shared resource.