How do I add an image?

We support a small amount of image hosting within the platform (for assets used within the system, such as logos and thumbnail images). To add an image to your content library, please sign in to the admin panel then click on ‘Content’ in the main menu.

This page will initially show the videos within your library. You should see an option called ‘Images’. Click on that.

Next, click on the ‘Add image’ button. Please make sure the image you are uploading follows our guidelines. If it is to be used as a logo, it will need to be a .png file and if it is to be used as a poster frame, a .jpg. In addition, it can’t exceed our suggested dimensions or size.

As soon as you select your image file, it will start to upload and the bar will gradually increase. While the image is uploading to our system you can give it a title, for example Company Logo and please make sure the image’s type is set as either ‘Logo’ or ‘Poster’ in the dropdown menu just below.

Please then leave the window open until the image has fully uploaded. At this point, click on the ‘Proceed’ button. If everything has worked, you should now be informed that your image will need to be verified by the platform and to please wait a few minutes. Our automated process will check that your image meets the specifications we mentioned on the form.

Note If your image does not meet these specifications, it will fail to be verified and this will delay the process.

Assuming your image passes the verification, it becomes available for use within the Vidbeo video CMS. Please refresh the page showing the rotating-wheel and you should see your image (if it has passed), or a cross (if it has failed). If it is shown, it is now ready to be used within the video platform.

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