Create a video Q&A

We have a type of interactive panel (overlay) called Q&A.

You can use one to ask a viewer a series of multiple-choice questions.

Note: If you need a more comprehensive set of question-building tools, we continue to support external providers using the alternative iframe type of overlay. As long as your service can provide a URL to that form (such as then it should be compatible. As an example, we used the popular survey-builder to build a survey to present within our player. However you would need an account with that provider - pricing usually varies depending on the number of responses expected.

To add a Q&A to a video, start by clicking on its thumbnail image within your content library. You will be taken to its video-management page. On that page is an ‘Interactive’ tab - click that to view the options available for creating interactive content.

Interactive content: Q&A. Step 1

Assuming this is its first interactive panel, the list will be empty. Click the link to add a new item.

You will be asked what kind of overlay you would like to create:

Interactive content: Q&A. Step 2

In this case, we want a Q&A, so select the first option and click ‘Next’ to move to the next screen.

The next screen asks for some basic details to later identify this panel (such as if you need to edit it). So enter a short title. The description is optional.

Interactive content: Q&A. Step 3

You will be asked when the panel will appear. It can be set to appear before the video (pre-roll), during it (mid-roll) or after it ends (post-roll). If you choose to show it during the video, you can choose when it should appear (and disappear) by entering the time-codes in MM:SS format. For pre-roll and post-roll content, of course those two values are not needed.

Interactive content: Q&A. Step 4

The next screen does not prompt for the questions to ask - that is because we have built a separate editor to make that a separate, simpler process. You will use that after creating the panel. So click ‘Next’ to proceed on.

The following screens ask for where to show the panel and how big it should be. For a Q&A we recommend leaving these as the default values: that is to show the panel at (0,0 and take up 100% of the width and height of the player). Those settings are more useful when you are showing smaller panels, such as image or text links.

You are asked if you want the video to pause when the interactive panel is shown. Really this is only applicable if that panel is set to show during the video (mid-roll), since of course the video does not need to be paused if it has yet to start, or has ended.

The final screen asks if a close-button should be shown, allowing the viewer to close the panel. We recommend setting this as yes as without it, they have no way to remove the panel. For some interactive content, such as invisible regions, or video-gating, not showing a cross in the top-right is more useful.

Now you have provided all the details, so click the green button to create the new panel.

If that is successful, you should see it listed.

Currently it is empty since you have yet to add any questions to it. That isn’t much use, so now if you click on the small button that looks like a comment/conversation, you can provide the questions and answers:

Interactive content: Q&A. Step 7

At the top of the editor you are asked if you would like to use the Q&A as a test (since you might want to test the viewer on what they just watched). If so, you need to provide a pass-mark. You can also provide a message to show if they failed to encourage them to try again:

Interactive content: Q&A. As a test

Next you will need to enter at least one question to ask the viewer - making sure to tick the box next to the correct answer if the system needs to mark the response on-submission:

Interactive content: Q&A. Step 9

If you make a mistake, you can remove an answer - or an entire question - by clicking on the appropriate cross. But we recommend saving changes regularly just in case there are any problems.

View the Q&A

Once you have your questions and answers set up, click the link next to the ‘Save changes’ button to return. You are returned to the interactive editor. From there you can again click the link to return to the video.

If you now play the video, you should see your newly created interactive panel appear at the chosen time. For example if you opted to show it post-roll, when the video ends, the panel should appear. Again, assuming you use the default position and size, it should occupy the entire player (we recommend embedding your player at a suitable size so there is sufficient space to show the questions):

Interactive content: Q&A. Step 10

The viewer can then click on an answer and they will see the answer be ticked:

Interactive content: Q&A. Step 11

Once they reach the last question, they can submit it. If configured as a test, along with saying thank you the system marks the response based on the previously provided correct answers. The mark is shown along with your custom pass/fail message from earlier:

Interactive content: Q&A. Step 11

If you have any problems or questions, simply email

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