You can live stream your events using our online video platform. Currently this option is only available in our larger packages due to the additional overhead and costs it incurs.

If enabled for your package and for your account, you should see a Live button in the top-right of your video CMS dashboard. Click that.

You will be asked for a few details about your event. This is similar to uploading a video-on-demand file (give it a name, a description, some tags, and so on).

Once you click the button to proceed we will assign an ingest point for your stream. You will be billed for it while it is running (not just for the period you are actually streaming to it) so please consider that before proceeding.

The ingest point should be assigned and ready within ten seconds.

When it is, you should see a page for the event with its ingest URL in the top-left. We currently use RTMP for ingest and so the URL will start rtmp://.... You will need to copy that URL to the application you are streaming your live event from. It should have the option to provide a custom RTMP URL.

If your application requires a stream key, that is the final part of that URL. For example if the URL you see is like:


… then the stream URL is:


… and the stream key is:


Armed with those two values, you should be able to stream to the ingest point. Your application will report any errors if not: a common one is that your firewall may be blocking outgoing connections to port 1935, particulary if you are doing this within an office. You may need to contact your IT department to enable this if so.

Our system should detect when your stream is live. It may take up to 30 seconds after you start streaming. If you wait a moment and refresh the page, you should see a red ‘live’ overlay in the top corner of our player. If you see that, you know everything is working.

Click play and you should see your live event in our player. Make sure to turn the volume off or mute the microphone at this point to avoid audio feedback!

Important: Be sure to end the event from that page when you no longer need the ingest point. We may terminate ingest points we detect as idle but even so, that will always incur a larger bill than if you manually end the event and so terminate the ingest point yourself.

When you end the event (by clicking that button in the dashboard) we will then archive it. That should take less than a minute and will result in a video-on-demand being listed in your videos library. You will know that has completed when you see a thumbnail image with a time-code in the corner (like 45:12), since an archived event has a fixed duration.