How do I show my company’s logo in the player?

The first step is to add your logo as an image to your content library within the online video platform. If you are not sure how to do this, please see How do I add an image?.

Next, you will need to edit the Vidbeo player. So to do this, click on ‘Content’ within the main menu of the video CMS. You will be editing a player, so click on ‘Players’ from the sub-menu below. You should see all of the players within your account (there will often only be one).

Each player is represented by a play-icon on top of a coloured rectangle. Click on the one you wish to show the logo in the top-left corner.

The page that opens will show the details of that player. It will show a preview of it, along with its title, description, settings and styles.

Scroll down the page and locate the dropdown menu labelled Would you like a logo in the top-left corner?. Click on that menu and then on the title of your company’s logo image.

Having selected your company’s logo to be shown, simply click on the green ‘Save changes’ button (usually shown in the top-right of the page).

Assuming your image was valid, you should see a successful response. Your logo should now be shown in the top-left corner of the player.

Note The player may adjust the size of the image to best fit the available space.

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