How do I make a playlist?

A playlist is simply a sequence of videos that play one after another within the same player. Our video CMS supports them.

Start by signing in to the Vidbeo admin panel, then clicking on ‘Content’ in the main menu. By default this will show the videos in your account, so you will need to click on ‘Playlists’ (just below).

Assuming there are no playlists in your video hosting account yet, you will see an empty page.

Now click on ‘Add Playlist’ button.

You will now be asked to give it a title - let’s call it Example Playlist - enter an optional description, then choose which player it should be presented in and whether any restriction should be applied to it. Assuming you want the default player, and do not wish to apply a restriction to limit public access, you can leave these unchanged.

Click on ‘Proceed’. If the playlist is successfully created, you will be asked to now add video(s) to it. Simply click on the button shown.

You will then be taken back to your Vidbeo content library. If it is not currently showing the videos within your account, simply click on ‘Content’ once more, and then on ‘Videos’.

To add a video to your new (currently empty) playlist, tick the box just underneath its thumbnail image, and then choose ‘Add to playlist’ from the actions menu next to the ‘Upload Video’ button. Simply selecting that action will trigger the video to be added to a playlist and so you will be prompted which one you wish to add it to. Select your newly created playlist from the list and click ‘Proceed’.

If the video was successfully added to that playlist, you should be taken to that playlist’s page. You should see a preview of it along with its details, including its embed code, if you now wish to embed that playlist on your site.

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