How can I limit what a user can do?

The pages a user can access within the Vidbeo video CMS - and the actions they can perform - are controlled by their role. Roles are a very flexible and powerful part of the platform.

If you need to let other people access your account - such as when the account belongs to a company, and multiple team members need to be able to sign in - most will probably be fellow content managers. They will need the ability to add videos, choose who has access to them, and so on.

However you may want some of your colleagues to only be able to view uploaded videos. That is done by applying our pre-defined ‘Basic’ role. These users have much more limited access. They can only view content shown in their feed.

If you find you need more control over what pages users can access - and what actions they can perform - please contact us. Your package may support custom roles where these permissions can be defined.

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