We provide a selection of roles which cover the most common requirements for controlling what members of your team can do. Simply assign one of these when inviting a new user to join.


Otherwise called a super-user, this is likely the role you have if you are asking this. Since only account owners can add new users, and so only they have this to consider. An account owner can do anything.


An admin acts like a content administrator. Managing videos is generally their focus. So they can access most of the system (videos, analytics, and so on), however can not manage access for other users. So they can not invite users or create API keys as both would allow new people access.


An uploader can only upload video-on-demand files. This is a very restricted level of access which may be useful if you have an external provider of video content (like an agency) who you would like to upload directly into your account. And not have to email you a link to a file which you would then have to download and upload.


A viewer can only view videos. When they sign in they see a grid of thumbnails on their home page. They can only watch them, not edit or delete them. And not add new ones. This is the default role we set when we create a new user as a result of a successful single sign-on sign-in.

If you are an enterprise user and need a custom level of access, please email us and we can see if we can add that for you.