How can I password protect a video?

You can make a video private by applying a restriction to it. You can see/update the restriction applied to any video from its video details page: simply click on its thumbnail image in your content library (within the video CMS) and scroll down the page.

Each restriction contains a series of policies that govern who can access the content it is applied to. If you do not wish to make use of a particular part (for example you do not know which IP addresses your viewers will use), simply leave that part of the restriction empty and that will be interpreted as meaning “any”.

In this example we want our video to be private and only seen by people that know the password:

Password protection

To do this, you will need to create a new restriction. When you upload a new video, you will see your current ones listed under the advanced options. Since you will be creating a new one, click on the link to do so:

Password protection

You should now see a form asking for the title and description. We suggest entering a title to easily recognise its purpose, such as ‘UK Office’.

Click on the button to proceed.

You will now see a new form which lets you set the details of a restriction. If you scroll down you will see that it is divided into various parts.

Restrict to authenticated viewers

In this case the only restriction we want to apply is a password, so scroll down to the ‘Password’ section.

There you will see a menu asking if you would like to restrict using a password: we do, so select ‘Yes’. You will then need to enter that password.

Having done that, our restriction is ready, so scroll down to the end of the form and click ‘Save changes’. If all went well, you should see the screen refresh and a tick will appear.

The restriction is now ready to be applied to any video or playlist. To do that, click on ‘Content’ in the main menu to return to your content library. Now click on the thumbnail of the video you would like to restrict using this password.

Scroll down and you should see a section asking which restriction to apply.

Select your restriction (for example ‘UK Office’) and then click on the ‘Save changes’ button to apply it.

You should now find that the video on that page now is replaced with a prompt for a password:

Password protection

Enter the password you chose, click submit, and you should then be able to watch the video.

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