As an enterprise video platform, we provide all users that sign in using a password access to two step verification (also known as two factor authentication or multi-factor authentication) as an additional layer of protection.

Note: We deliberately do not offer the option of enabling 2FA/MFA for users that sign in using single sign-on (SAML). We delegate that to your identity provider (such as Okta or Centrify). They will have their own policy and procedure which we do not want to conflict with.

In order to generate a two-factor code on your mobile device, you will first need an app. We recommend the Google Authenticator app as that is widely used and trusted across many services. So if you do not already have that, search for it in the iOS or Android app stores and install it. It’s free.

Now to enable two factor authentication, sign in and click on the small avatar image in the top-right corner of our online video platform’s dashboard. You should see an option there. Click that, and then click proceed to enable it.

Next you should be shown a QR code. On your smartphone/tablet, open the Authenticator app and click the button to scan that barcode. You should see it appear on your device (via its camera) and after a second or two, that should show you a six-digit code.

Type in that six-digit code in our form (below the QR code) so that we can verify you have your device set up correctly.

Assuming that six-digit code matches what we expect it to be, you should be notified that 2FA has been successfully set up.

Now when you sign out, and then sign back in, after entering your password you should also be asked for a six-digit code. To get one, simply open your Authenticator app and look for the six-digit code under the vidbeo name. If you enter a valid code (they expire after a short time) you should be taken on to the home page.