How can I improve my video SEO?

Video SEO should be a key part of your strategy because the sheer number of web sites mean it is hard to obtain a high rank using traditional SEO. Plus, a video result has a small image of the video put next to the page’s title - making the link stand out. For example:

Video SEO Google Listing

Since Google is the most popular search engine, that should be the focus for video SEO. We have summarised Google’s advice here, but it is also worth reading their own articles to gain a deeper understanding of how to optimise your content within the Vidbeo platform.

Video title

Ideally each video should have a unique title. Though the Google result tends to have the page’s title shown, a unique and descriptive title for your video will help it be correctly indexed.

If there are particular keywords you want it to rank highly for, these should be near the start of the title. For example if you are aiming for ranking highly for “Learn to Ski”, a title like “Learn to ski in a day” would likely perform better than “One day to learn how to ski”.

An alternative route is to try and capture the “long-tail” search. This aims to match a user’s question - rather than just a couple of keywords. Google will always try and serve the content that most accurately matches a user’s query, so if you title has a more exact match than a video that may be aiming for a more generic term like simply “ski”, it may get a higher listing.

Video description

You can go into a bit more detail about what the video is about in its description. Like the title, this should be factual and describe its content. It should include your keywords too.

Videos per page

Google recommend that you embed just one video on each page. That means that page will get its own listing in the search results.

Video position

The video should be “above the fold” - ideally near the top-left of the page - much like YouTube presents the video. This is to avoid the user having to search down the page to find the video they clicked through to see.

Great content

The most important element with any kind of SEO effort is to focus on the content. While Google’s search bots can’t actually watch the video - other people who might link to it (and in doing so provide recommendations for it) - certainly can. If the video is helpful and informative, or exciting, or funny - people are more likely to link to it and that will likely get Google’s attention.

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