This is a major appeal of using a private online video platform.

We do not show adverts during or by your videos and so have no interest in driving your viewers away from your site, to a site where we could do that. Our business model works differently: instead of the cost being funded by advertising, instead you are paying directly for the data used to serve your content. Since whenever data is transferred over the web, someone has to pay for that (to cover the cost of the infrastructure involved: the hardware, servers, cables and so on).

If you set your video’s privacy as public, we add metatags to help with video SEO. While we have no control over whether your videos will be indexed by search engines like Google, if they are, those can help the results stand out. If that video matches a user’s search, it may drive visitors to your page (rather than to a rival, or to YuuTube). We have written a blog post about video SEO if you would like to know a bit more about techniques to optimize your videos.

We also let you add interactive content during your video. For example cards (calls to action). These can include a link to another part of your site. For example to find out more or to purchase an item, helping keep viewers within your site.