How do I submit a video sitemap to Google?

If you have access to video sitemaps, once your video sitemap shows as ‘Completed’ within the Vidbeo admin panel you will be able to download it.

Right-click on the download button, then choose ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Save Link As’ (the option varies depending upon which browser you are using). In Google’s Chrome, it will look like this:

Download Video Sitemap

We suggest calling the file something like company-com-video-sitemap.xml, just to make it clear what it contains.

Before it can be submitted to Google to help with your video SEO, it will need to be uploaded to your company’s web site. It needs to live within the domain which it contains the URLs for - this is so that Google knows you have the authority to submit URLs that are part of it. We recommend putting the file in a separate folder, just to keep your video sitemaps separate from your web site’s other content, although you do not have to. For example you could make a folder called ‘sitemaps’, then upload the XML file you just downloaded into that folder. This would make the URL to it

Note If you do not have access to your web site’s server, please contact your IT department - they will be able to do this for you.

You now need to tell Google that address, so that it can process your video sitemap.

To do this you will need access to their Webmaster Tools. If you do not already have an account, you can create one for free. If your domain name is not already listed, you will need to add it. As part of this process Google will need to verify that you own your company’s domain name (such as Simply follow their guidance to do this.

At this point you should see your domain name listed on your webmaster tools dashboard - usually next to an image of your site’s homepage, like this:

Webmaster Tools Dashboard

Click on its name to view/edit its details. On the right you should see a light grey bar with the word Sitemaps on. Click on that. This will then list all sitemaps submitted so far. If this is the first one you are submitting, the list will of course be empty.

On the right you should see a red button labelled Add/Test Sitemap. Click on that and Google will prompt you to enter the path to the video sitemap. Type in the location of your video sitemap file, for example sitemaps/company-com-video-sitemap.xml.

We recommend clicking on ‘Test Sitemap’ first, just to check that there are no problems with the file before submitting it. Assuming there are none, go ahead and click on ‘Submit Sitemap’

Google will then analyse your video sitemap and over the following days (or even weeks) should gradually index the pages listed within it.

Video indexed

Note Google does reserve the right to not index any page and so even if after several weeks have passed, your videos may still not be listed within the main index. In which case feel free to contact us at and we may be able to suggest changes you could make.

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