What is video SEO?

Video SEO (search engine optimisation) means trying to obtain better positions for your videos in the rankings of major search engines.

The reason why video SEO has become so popular is because the sheer number of web pages make it very hard to obtain top rankings for text content (traditional SEO). Videos provide an alternative route to the top.

Another factor is that pages with videos on gain a small thumbnail image placed to the left of the page’s title - making the result stand out and so hopefully more likely to be clicked on:

Vidbeo Video SEO Google Listing

By using a service like Vidbeo’s private video hosting for your video SEO, the link that appears in Google takes the user directly to your site, rather than ours - and more importantly, not to YouTube.

We recommend you take a look at our How can I improve my video SEO? page to see how you can gain the most benefit.

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