How do I live stream from an iPad?

Start by making sure live streaming is enabled for your account. Once it is, you can create a new stream within our video CMS. Rather than duplicate the steps here, we have written a separate guide: How do I set up live streaming. That also describes the extra costs involved in live streaming, due to the additional resources involved.

If you have read through that guide, where you get to ‘Creation (from your end)’ you will see we mention live streaming from a free desktop application (Adobe’s Flash Media Live Encoder). That is where this guide branches, since of course here you want to stream from an iPad. So at that point, rather than opening up FMLE and entering the generated stream URL and stream key, you will instead need to open your iPad app.

As for which iPad app to use, there are a variety available. Essentially you just need one that can stream to a custom ‘rtmp’ server (some apps only let you stream to rtmp servers built-in to the app, such as YouTube’s). Some apps are free, while others are paid. The paid-for apps will naturally include more features, and probably allow you to live stream at a higher quality. In the case of the one we randomly picked below, the free version lets you live stream in SD, but the paid-for version supports live streaming in HD. So let’s try this one called ‘myCaster’:

Live stream from mobile 1

Opening that app, we need to provide the details of the server to stream to. So we click on the small ‘cog’ icon to provide those settings. It supports streaming to a non-YouTube server, so it’s the second option we need to pick:

Live stream from mobile 2

We have the stream URL from the Vidbeo video CMS (as mentioned above, please see our guide to setting up live streaming for how to obtain that URL and key from the video platform). Note that in this particular app, it doesn’t have a separate input field for the stream key. It expects it to be part of the URL. So that is what we added. For reference, we also add the name of our event so we can recognise it too:

Live stream from mobile 4

We could spend some more time setting up the app, deciding on bitrate, quality, and so on, although this free version is quite limited in what you can actually do, as it only supports SD. So we will just return to the home screen of the app, which has a simple button on the right to start live streaming:

Live stream from mobile 11

Now we are live streaming. So if we now look back at the Vidbeo video CMS admin panel (where we still have the stream administration page open), we will refresh the page to reload the player, and now click play …

Watch live stream from the video CMS

… our exciting stream from our iPad camera pointed at the keyboard appears within the player (note: you may need to wait 30-60 seconds before the first segments are ready). We could embed that player on our site - or send its short URL to somebody else - to let that live stream be watched by somebody else. We could also apply what we call a restriction to the embed code. That would limit who could access it. For example we could add a restriction that would only permit viewers from the IP address But for now, our test is done, so we will just terminate the stream.

That covers the basics. If you have any problems with live streaming from your tablet within the video CMS please do get in touch.

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