Only super-users (owners) can add users to your team. So assuming you have the role of owner, sign in to our video CMS dashboard and you should see a Team tab in the menu. Click that and you should see a link for Invites. You need to invite someone to jjoin your team so click that and follow the instructions to send a new invitation.

You will be asked to enter some standard details about the person, such as their name and email address.

You will be asked to choose a role for them.

And you will be asked whether they will sign in using a password or using single sign-on (SAML2). Using single sign-on is only applicable for our larger packages that include this option. It lets you use an external identity provider (such as Okta or Centrify) to authenticate users, saving your users from having to remember another password and giving your organisation greater control over access.

When you send the invite, that person is sent a welcome email. We do that to:

  • verify their address
  • confirm their consent
  • if they will be signing in using a password, give them an opportunity to pick one

Assuming they do, they are then added as a user and appear on the Users page.

Note: Your package/plan may set a limit on the number of seats you can assign. If you require more you may need to upgrade.

The confirmation link we send in the invitation does expire after a period of time, however you may want to delete the invitation before it is accepted. You can do that on the Invites page. However of course that has no effect if the recipient has already accepted the invitation by clicking on the link within it.