How do I change my avatar?

When you sign in to the admin panel to manage your business video hosting account, you should see that in the top-left corner (by your name) is a small picture. This picture is your avatar.

It may already be showing a picture of you, since we retrieve it from the same service that uses. Since WordPress power millions of web sites, if you have previously created a WordPress account (for example for your own personal blog) you may have already configured your avatar and if so, you should see it appear.

If not, you can easily do so for free. Simply visit and click on the button to create your own gravatar. You will be asked for your email address and to enter a password. Note that the password you choose should be just for the gravatar service - it is completely independent of your Vidbeo one.

You are then asked to upload an image of yourself. This will the image we show: your avatar. Once you have picked one, please rate it ‘G’ which is the lowest rating and confirms it is suitable for all web sites.

Once a few minutes have passed, when you next sign in to the platform you should see that same image in the top-left corner.

If you have any problems with the process, or any other questions about our private enterprise video hosting, please don’t hesitate to email and we will assist you.

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