How do I add a survey using an overlay?

Vidbeo is designed for business video hosting and so you may want to get feedback from your customers or employees about your content. Adding a post-roll survey would let you do that.

We let you embed your own forms directly within our video player using what we call an overlay. As the name suggests, this is a panel that sits on top of your content. Using an iframe within an overlay, you can include a survey (or indeed any kind of form) directly from your marketing software. All it needs is a URL to link to. That means the data collected can be passed straight into your existing system, simplifying your workflow.

It is also very flexible, since if your provider supports linking to, or embedding, their form (which most do), then it works with almost any. The only real consideration is the size of your player, since some providers do specify a minimum size their forms should be shown at (in order to still be clear and usable). However most videos will be shown at a reasonable size and so this won’t normally be an issue.

In this particular example, we used the popular online survey software. However there are many others - you may well already have an account with an existing provider. As long as they provide a URL (link) to their form, then it should be possible to display it within our video player.

Get started

In this example, we will start from scratch and so we need to create a form to show at the end of our video (post-roll). To save time we will pick one of the existing getfeedback survey templates (your provider should have a similar list of templates, or give you the option of creating your own):

Customer trial feedback

Within that are a range of separate screens, each asking a single question:

Edit the cquestions

We’ll pick that one (you would need to spend some time changing the template’s questions to ones you actually wanted the answer to, specific to your video):

Select a template

Once done, you need to get a URL to that new form. That is obtained from the top menu, in the ‘Distribute’ section. Note that normally the URL would be in a website/embed/iframe section, however in the getfeedback system, the link you need is found within ‘Share a link’:

Share a link

As you can see, we are provided with a link URL. That is what we need. So we’ll make a note of it, as we will use that in a moment.

Form link

Create the overlay

We now switch to the platform to create the video overlay which that URL will be used in. The editor is found within the ‘Overlays’ tab, which is available on each video’s page (assuming you are signed in as an administrator).

If we click on the button to manage its overlays, to create a new overlay we are presented with a form asking for its details:

New overlay

Since we want to use an external resource - a URL - we need to select ‘iframe’ as the type:

Use an iframe

You will then be asked for its URL. This is the URL we saw earlier and made a note of - the one from the page. That can be simply copied into this box.

The remaining options can be checked, but generally you will want to use the default position and size: that is to make the overlay take up the full-size of the player.

So now having created our overlay, it gets added to the video, ready to appear. We set it to appear at the end (post-roll). So if we now go back to the video’s page by clicking on the return link, the video will re-load. If we watch it through to the end, we should see our newly-created form appear. The player has loaded in our survey:

Example question


All data submitted goes straight to wherever your form-provider is configured to send it. You don’t need to export anything from our platform. So to illustrate that, we can see in the getfeedback analytics section, our response has indeed appeared:


If you have any questions about using overlays, our private video hosting or any other part of our video platform, email us at and we’ll do our best to help you.

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