How do I add captions?

Assuming you have access to your account’s ‘Content’ library, click on that, and then on ‘Videos’.

You will see a grid of thumbnail images. Each represents one video. Click on the one for the video you would like to add captions for.

You will see the video’s details. Below the video player you will see a number of tabs. Click on the tab labelled ‘Captions’ and then on the button to ‘Manage captions’.

If you already have the captions - perhaps provided by an external agency - as a SubRip (.srt) file, then you can simply import that file from the link on this page: you can see you just need to paste in the contents:

Video captions import

If you do not already have the captions and need to enter them manually, that is also possible. The first thing you are asked for is the label and language, for example you could enter English.

If you now scroll down, below the video player you will see three boxes. The first box is for the time the caption should appear and the second box is the time the caption should disappear. Both need to be in the MM:SS format, so for example you would enter 01:30 for a caption that should appear at 1 minute and 30 seconds.

The third box in that row is for the text of the caption.

So now click play to start watching your video and, when someone speaks, pause it, and in those three boxes enter the time they started speaking, the time they finished speaking, and what they said. Then click the ‘+’ button to add that line to the list.

For example in this image you can see the four lines spoken by the character in the short trailer:

Video captions editor

We recommend saving changes regularly, just in case anything were to go wrong.

Once done - and you have saved the changes - when you next load the player you should see a new ‘CC’ button. Click that to make the captions appear at their designated times. This works because behind the scenes those entered captions are passed to the player in a common format called ‘webvtt’. The player analyses this and shows the text at the marked times:

Video captions webvtt

If you have any questions about captions, our enterprise video hosting, or any other aspect of our video CMS, please email us at and we’ll do our best to help.

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