We support adding closed captions or subtitles to your video. It is a great idea to improve accessibility.

Your captions need to be in a .vtt file (using the WebVTT format: https://w3c.github.io/webvtt/.

That specification document is technical however you will have likely seen the format already as it is used by many services. The file starts with WEBVTT and then has a series of lines. Something like this:


00:05.000 --> 00:13.000
This is an example

You can check your WebVTT captions/subtitles file is valid before uploading it using a free online tool, such as https://quuz.org/webvtt/.

Armed with that file, simply sign in to our online video platform, click on the Videos tab, and then on the thumbnail of the video you would like to add the captions to. You should see a tab for Subtitles. Click that, and then on the button to add new captions.

You should see a panel asking you to give the captions/subtitles a name: generally you will use the name of the language. So English. And then underneath, the language used. The reason we ask for these separately is you may want to name the captions in the language that they are in, for example Deutsch instead of German. It’s up to you.

Add captions in the video CMS

And then upload the .vtt file. That takes a few seconds to verify and assuming it looks valid, you can click the button to save those captions.

The captions/subtitles may take a moment to appear in the player, particularly if its data was recently cached. When it does (you may need to reload the player) you will see a CC button appear in its control bar. Clicking that will turn on the captions and so they will be shown as the video plays.