How do I embed a video within Magento?

As it is one of the most popular platforms for powering ecommerce sites, we have made a short video demonstrating how easy it is to embed a video within Magento.

As you will have seen in the video, the first step is to upload your video to the Vidbeo video hosting platform. After a short time it will become ready to embed in another site.

At that point simply click on the ‘Embed code’ panel and copy that code to your clipboard (Edit > Copy).

Now switch to your Magento admin panel. Assuming the video is indeed for a particular product, locate that product’s page within the ‘Catalog’ section. Once found, click on that page to open the editing panel.

Choose where you want to place the video - in our example, we simply placed it within the ‘Description’ section of that template. Click within that panel - as if you were editing its text - and now paste (Edit > Paste) the embed code you copied earlier.

If you now click ‘Save’, after a moment your page will have updated (you may need to also clear your site’s cache - that will depend on your settings).

So now if you refresh that product’s page (within the frontend of your site), you should see the embedded video.

Note: A more advanced integration would be to include the embed code within the template that builds the page - and then within its editor you should only need to provide the video’s size and unique id.

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